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Plant Hire Order Form

Heavy Equipment Rental Policy


Scheduled rental rate begins when equipment leaves Marracon Yard and continues until returned.  Customer agrees to give Marracon a 2-day notice if rental schedule need be changed.


The equipment offered is subject to availability at the time of your requirement.

Condition of Equipment

Customer acknowledges receipt of the described plant. All operators of hired machinery will complete their routine daily inspection checklist booklet before departure to the rental customer destination.  If parties agree that the plant was adequately inspected, the customer is required to sign the checklist and to write down any additional comments, the signature signifies acceptance of time of delivery to and that the plant was in good and serviceable condition.

Equipment Location

Customer will not permit said plant to be relocated to any other site other than site stated in rental schedule.

Loss, Theft, Damage or Destruction

Customer shall provide and maintain protection against loss, theft, damage or destruction of the rental plant.


Customer shall not instruct operators to do any unsafe operations. All hired Equipment will be rented with an operator, who is fully competent in operating the machine and is responsible to follow all safety practices while in operation as expected by Section 10 (4) of OHSA 85 of 1993.

Reasonable Wear and Tear

Customer is responsible for any changes in the condition of the equipment during the rental period.  Reasonable wear and tear accepted.  Reasonable wear and tear is only the normal deterioration of equipment caused by ordinary and reasonable use in an 8 hour day/40 hour week.

Should you require a credit facility, please download and complete our credit application here.

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